Bar Klub Galerie

Rent of club space

Club space is possible to rent for organizing a privat parties or celebrations.

The conditions of rent is dependent on agreement. Occasionlly we take a deposit, which we return the second day after action.

Club spaces

Club spaces are the erstwhile basement of the hundred years old house with arch-ceilings.

There is a stage with wooden parquet place, where is possible to connect projector and reproduction devices and watching own TV or music. This is very good usable for common watching snaps from holidays or traveling or other private movies.

The spaces have very pleasant acoustic and it is very suitable space for privat theatre exhibition or other action

The space for guests could comfortable enjoy cca 50 persons.

Some snaps you can see in our photogallery in the link "How looks our place"


If you will have an interest booking this space, please use this email for this: