Bar Klub Galerie

Our philosophy

We wanted to create a place with pleasant atmosphere and refreshment where would be comfortable to spend some time. Yet it is possible to come in a busy day, stop the time and drink a glas of beer or anything else, see the exhibition of pictures, discuss with friends, play chess or cards or read a book. We have an afford to join all pleasant things of passed times with the comfort of recent time and nonpleasant thing leave in the past. We hope, we have succeeded it even partially.

We count to play billard and darts. you can join our events, gigs or a little theatre exhibiton in the club. At this time we are reconstructing the club spaces and we hope to be ready early.

The bar is non-smoking, because everybody doesn´t want to smoke in the pub and everybody doesn´t like smell of it. So we decided to be a non-smoking bar.

Smokers have a big space in the garden.

We know, that is not very pleasant to sit somewhere without an option to take something to eat. We can offer the small snack like panini or kuskus. We dont like torturing animals in the factory farms, so we offer to our clients tasty and healthy substitution of meat.