Bar Klub Galerie


There is in club spaces a billard table for public use.

It is table for carambol game. It is game for old-fashioned ladies and gentlemans.

Main characteristic of this game:

There are 3 balls (two yellow and red one). Both players have the own yellow ball and the main rule is to touch two other balls by the own ball. It is interesting and difficult game. It is possible to rent the table for 50,-CZK per hour

Historic billard table

Our billard table was made about year 1900 in workshop "Žabokrtský"

The most of his long existence was located in the sport club "Sokol Žižkov", later "Tesla Žižkov". There was used like for sport games.

Many czech best players was played on this table in many matches and many training hours was passed there.

Measures of game space is 200cm and 100cm

How looks this table you can see in our photogallery in link "How looks our place" among other snaps of club spaces


If you will have an interest about reservation of some time to play, use please this email for this: