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NON-SMOKING café bar in Žižkov

We offer high quality café and teas

Regular OPEN MIC in Saturnin every other Friday!!

You can use PA, drums, piano and good mood


Our speciality "Wholesome vegetables soups"

For everybody, no gluten no meat, no alergens, just vegetables and virgin oil


The club is till 19:00 NON SMOKING! Later due to agreement with organiser of the recent event.

Every WEDNESDAY since 20:00 MOVIE NIGHT czech movies with ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Regular SUNDAY evening since 20:30 KARAOKE We meet around 19:30 and start singing about 20:30.

Open daily

Monday till Friday 15:00 do 23:00

Saturday, Sunday 15:00 do 22:00

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Jsme kavárna s klavírem, pianinem

Jsme kavárna s kulečníkem, karambolem

Jsme kavárna s galerií

A hlavně jsme kavárna s dobrou náladou

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